And that up there is my little family, Ben and Emma (and recently added a new little one - Evie). We live in Ottawa, Ontario, but love to travel the world - from Asia to Europe to all across Canada (still need to visit Newfoundland & Labrador and the territories though). My other home is Slovakia, a beautiful country in the heart of Europe, so if you have a chance to visit, do it!

You probably guessed I love to take photos, so I won't be elaborating on how passionate I am about photography and that I first got interested at the tender age of 12. However, I will tell you that my style is less about posing and more about having fun. So bring your kids, dogs, hamsters to our photo session (or don't, if you just want to hang out as a couple - hello date idea!) and we'll create some nice photos that you might finally print (I personally recommend a photobook - simple, pretty and right there on your coffee table or bookshelf ).

We used to live, work and play in downtown and that's where I primarily shot most of the sessions. We have now moved a little to the east of downtown (and we work from home), but we still play in downtown Ottawa because we love it. There are so many cool spots to take photos around the city, so just let me know if you want greenery or graffiti as your backdrop.